Sattriya Dance

by Team ACF

Recognized in 2000, Sattriya has gained its prominence as the eighth classical dance form of India. This innovative dance style symbolic of grace and beauty has been widely and warmly accepted by the dance community .It is a gift of the great vaishnava saint, Hastamudras: ‘Aharyas’, ‘Footworks’, and Music adding to the flair and artistry of this dance form.

“Love for dance is seamless. Cultures differ but the passion for dance remains, and no border can define it. Dance is in the heart, and has a faith of its own”
Sattriya is a celebration of art in Assam, depicting the diversity of the culture through ‘Paurashik Bhangi’ and ‘Stri Bhangi’ which brings ‘laasya’ and ‘tandava’ together in a unique combination. It is a living tradition, an art of benevolence, beautified through the use of flute, cymbals and drums etc. ‘Sattriya’ is nothing but ‘ishwar sadhna’, states a ‘Sattriya’ exponent ‘Tapati Chowdhurie’. It is a highly devotional recital dominated by the spiritual aspect, and as an artistic form, has created its own distinctive identity.
Its beauty lies in the expressive ‘abhinaya’ and vibrant ‘Nritya’.The grandeur of this form has been maintained by the exponents of Sattriya ,who have not only brought few changes in the tradition but also preserved its magnificence.
Anwesa Mahanta is a dedicated and promising young Sattriya talent. She is empaneled under ICCR and is an ‘A’ grade artist of Sattriya in ‘doordarshan’. She is performing since the last two decades and has made a huge contribution towards this dance form.
usha rani baishya
Usha Rani Baishya  is another icon who has learned, performed and studied different aspects of this dance form. Her objective is to promote and propagate Saatriya worldwide and mentor young children towards this art form of Assam. She is known for her dedication, experience and skills.
indira pp bora
Whereas, Guru Indira PP Bora is one of the pioneer Sattriya dancers, who took over this male-dominated dance form, and made efforts to propagate it by establishing her own dance institution ‘Kalabhumi’. She has taken this art form to a new height.
However dissimilar these dance forms might be from each other, they are united with a single spirit, the spirit of dancing. Dancing to express with passion, and with high spirit is the ability to transform every single move into a story of its own. Alta, shringar and ghungroos, tie all these forms together in a strong bond.

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