SCRIPTED IN TIME II – Rameshwar Broota

by Team ACF
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SCRIPTED IN TIME II is a solo show of resin-based 3-dimensional sculptures and photographs by veteran artist Rameshwar Broota supported by Vadhera Art Gallery. It’s hard to imagine an industrial and commercial material like resin being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but in the hands of master-artist Rameshwar Broota, it has found new form and life. Showcasing a new body of sculptural works and wall-mounted paintings created using resin, the 78-year-old artist is all set to once again surprise us all with his penchant for experimentation. Says the artist: “Epoxy-resin is not an easy material to work with. It freezes in 24 hours at room temperature so one has to work real quickly, it comes in different viscosity so one has to mix two types of liquids (resin and hardener) in exact proportion for a satisfactory result.”

28 Jan – 12 Feb, 2019 | Shridharani Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi

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