Seema Kohli’s ‘Cut from The Same Cloth’ celebrates the feminine cosmic energy 

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28th July – 4th August 2023 | Bikaner House, Center of Contemporary Art, New Delhi

Artist Seema Kohli is coming forth with her extraordinary exhibition ‘Cut from The Same Cloth’. In this exhibition the artist is showcasing her new collection of embroidered artworks with silk and cotton threads, beads, and sequins on an untreated canvas cloth. This exhibition promises to be a captivating exploration of the self and its connection with the spiritual cosmos. 

Presented by Gallerie Nvya, one of the highlights of the exhibition will be a multidimensional performance at the Bikaner House Amphitheatre on 3rd August. This performance will seamlessly blend animation, music, poetry, and movement to create a truly immersive experience for the audience.

In her own words, Seema Kohli describes ‘Cut from The Same Cloth’ as a universal odyssey that blurs the boundaries between myth and reality, self and the other. As a contemporary artist, Kohli draws inspiration from ancient Indian myths, delving into themes of beauty, sensuality, and spirituality. 

Her artwork celebrates the female form and Shakti, the feminine cosmic energy that represents the source of all creation and destruction.

The exhibition will showcase a diverse assemblage of artworks, including 15 pieces meticulously embroidered with silk and cotton threads, beads, and sequins on untreated canvas cloth. 

Additionally, there will be three large paintings adorned with acrylics, gold, and silver leaf on canvas, as well as two mixed-media works combining painting and embroidery.

Kohli’s masterful creations are a visual narrative that beautifully intertwines various elements of life, spirituality, and the teachings of revered weaver saints. 

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