Seema Kohli’s love for simple fashion

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Fashion and art go hand-in-hand. This is why we have chosen some immaculately dressed artists, gallerists and fashion designers whose sartorial choices make them stand out among the melee of visitors at the India Art Fair. Reticent, but extremely talented artist Seema Kohli tells us about her simple and comfortable style. Read on.
Seema Kohli, Artist
Do you give any special attention to your attire during the Fair?
I like to dress up for myself and not in particular for IAF.
Do you think that fashion and art complement each other?
Yes, it does complement. As both are personal statements and true to one’s inherent sensibilities.
What is your personal style?
Simple and comfortable in tune with myself. I design my clothes mostly and sometimes pick up clothes from Indian designers like 11:11, Pero, Shambhavi Kothari and Sabyasachi.
What is your poison when it comes to fashion?
My poison is shoes. I have a fetish for shoes and silver jewellery. Most of the times, my jewellery is purely minimal but it can get very traditional.
What do you plan to wear at the upcoming IAF?
Haven’t decided yet.
Seema Kohli

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