Sheetal Gattani

by Team ACF
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While musing in her studio with thoughts of sculpture and lighting that had been consuming her mind, Sheetal Gattani made a small model of five bamboo sticks connected with fibre optic lights. Gattani has been inching towards the medium of sculpture for the past few years, and this artistic project is the organic transition of this thought process into a full fledged idea when she saw the pillars at Chemould Prescott Road. Inspired by their arrangement, Gattani conceived of a project which will develop at Chemould Prescott Road as the gallery adopts the role of a studio for her. The pillars will form the canvas for Gattani’s hand moulded ‘fibre optic – lit’ drawings.

May 15th onwards, Sheetal will be bringing this project to life at Chemould Prescott Road and visitors, with prior appointment, can partake in this exciting journey. This will culminate in an exhibition in August.

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