In Silence the Secrets Speak

by Ekatmata Sharma
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Artist Seema Kohli will be presenting her latest series of work ‘In Silence the Secrets Speak’,  continuation of the earlier show ‘The Unending Dance of Light, Raks-e-Shams’ at Gallery Veda, Chennai.
seema kohil
The show will open at Park Hyatt, Chennai with the unveiling of huge painting (10×24) by Seema Kohli, which will be part of the hotel’s permanent art collection from the series of ‘In Silence the Secrets Speak’. The highlight of the show will be a contemporary performance of Seema Kohli’s poetry inspired from her art entitled, ‘In Silence the Secrets Speak’ by her creative team comprising of Stance Dance Group and musician Sahil Vasudeva, at the opening of the show. She will also hold a talk related to her present work on ‘Hiranya Garbha’ or ‘The Goldenwomb’, which portrays the relation with her works and process of crossover to different mediums for drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and experiential performances. ‘The Golden Womb’ showcases an eclectic mix of paintings, bronze sculptures, serigraphs and etchings, reflecting the spirit of ‘Hiranyagarbha’, an icon of fertility. ‘The Golden Womb’ series that originated from a mantra of the Yajur Veda, expresses the constant creativity that functions throughout the universe.
In the exhibition along with her paintings, sculptures, drawings and installations, an experiential video will be showcased. A video on seven-part meditation on death, birth and the journey of the soul was filmed on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi. The video is about energy recouping, re-forming and moving on. It depicts death is not the end; it is energy changing direction, coursing on again, in a different form and space. Her works ‘Sculptural Paintings of Yogini’s’ are acrylics on fiber sculptures and canvas with 24ct gold and silver leaf aspire to fulfill our latent desires and reach the higher goals. The Paper works in pen and Ink on tea stained paper, etchings portray, “the whole universe arising out of a teacup,” coat hangers, ladders, a table laid for tea, clocks and egg timers across from an electric whisk and iron. Paintings with layering on washes of bright colour works overflow with colour and energy.  Wings, feathers, lotuses, roots, trees with bird shaped leaves, fish, clouds, curling tongues of water, gold dots representing consciousness and the sublime populate each canvas. Fiber sculptures with various animal forms in the manner of old miniatures, consisting entirely of paintings from her oeuvre and milieu. Animated by a vigorous female energy, the works emotes in anything that exists, exuding wonder and celebration, pulling elements from other cultures, traditions and her own imagination, creating a vast, vibrant tapestry of work in different media, namely painting, video, sculpture, drawing, etching and serigraphy. The exhibition was showcased at the Kochi Biennale in 2014 and in Venice in 2015. This show has also been invited to the IIC, Delhi in January 2017.
25-1294, 10x12x6 in, acrylic and ink on canvas with 24kt gold and silver leaf, plywood and fiberglass
The talk by Seema Kohli on ‘Hiranya Garbha’ will be held on August 24th 2016 addressing members of IWA (International Womens Association) from 4.30pm to 5.15pm, at Hotel Park Hyatt, 39, Velachery Road, Near Raj Bhavan, Chennai.  Seema Kohli’s artworks “In Silence the Secret Speak’ will be exhibited from August 27th to January 5th, 2017 at Gallery Veda, Chennai.

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