Sitayana – Bharatnatyam dance production

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Bharatanatyam artists Bhadra Sinha, Gayathri Sharma and Santnu Chakrabarty come together to present SITAYANA – a dance-drama interpretation of Sita’s journey and its relevance in the modern day context. While the Ramayana has always been focused on Shri Rama, it was Sita’s unending reserves of courage and inner strength that got her through what she experienced — exile with her husband to kidnapping, imprisonment, the humiliation of having her husband suspect her chastity in public, her Agni Pariksha, and then worst of all, being abandoned during her pregnancy.

It’s an attempt to retell Sita’s story and believe that it finds resonance in the struggles and life experiences of modern-day women. Choreographed and conceptualized by Guru V Krishnamoorthi, this presentation is dedicated to the spirit of women – unwavering, unfathomable and limitless.

Date – 14th May
Time – 7pm
Venue- India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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