The Lost Fragrance of Memory

by Team ACF
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Oct 14 – Dec 30, 2023 | Gallery 2, Ground Floor, Emami Art, Kolkata

The exhibition showcases the most recent paintings by Suman Dey, one of the prominent, talented artists from Bengal working in the language of abstract art.

A Kolkata-based, self-taught artist, Suman Dey (b.1981) studied modern art and artists in books, magazines and galleries, teaching himself the artistic idioms by combining this with conversations with well-known senior artists.

His early mythological paintings showed his reliance upon the lyrical style of the Bengal school paintings. But his later mature work in the mid-2010s, especially those based on nature, shows that he gradually dispensed with narrative styles and moved from the figurative to a non-figurative pictorial approach, becoming redolent and poetic.

During the last five years, as evident in his large-scale works on display, Dey has created compelling abstract shapes and forms and rapidly developed a powerful personal style for which he is better known. His works are evocative, intimate and rich in tonality. Dey’s characteristic paintings include forms distilled from structures and objects of the visible world, capturing the essence of sensual enjoyment of phenomenal life and associated moods and memories.

The exhibition celebrates the abstract worlds of Suman Dey, exploring the painting’s intricate relationship with time and memories.

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