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The moon and the mind

Until May 17 | The Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi

The absence, like the presence, is a much-misunderstood notion. The absence of pain is not happiness, the absence of faith is not treachery, the absence of difference is not uniformity, and the absence of isolation is not togetherness. The absence represents the reconciliation of a world torn apart by loss, defeat, desperation and death. A humankind born and bred on poverty and deprivation must learn to reconcile to the absence, and rationalize the presence.  Artist-author Kota Neelima’s new series of the paintings, Metaphors of the Moon, chart the trajectories of the mind as it travels from absence to presence in a cyclic repetition.  The mind is the metaphor for the Moon. It represents the cyclic process of thought, its creation, immersion and regeneration, and also is a metaphor for absence and presence.

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