The Woven Image by Vinita Karim

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Oct 11 – 19, 2022 | Gallerie Nvya at Shridharani Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi

Vinita Karim’s ‘The Woven Image’ art exhibition includes an expansive range of media explored by the artist. Her paintings are based on an instinctive mood. She uses her underlying sentimentalities and daily disposition as torque to manifest. There is a constant back and forth, trying to decode her transcript to find its roots and dissect its intent.

‘The Woven Image’ also showcases her finely done embroidery work and works of mineral pigments. The performance of the needle resembles brush work, a liner or rigger brush with long bristles. Closer one gets to the artwork, the beauty of the threads leave the viewer in awe.

Karim’s practice of making sculptures is a mode to expand her interest in found objects as well as a means to indulge in an approach which does not restrict her in dimensionality or history.

She uses pre-existing materials found on her expeditions to engrave a part of herself, extending the narrative of the object. As for her works in pigment, Cadmium pigments, Cobalt pigments and many such organic pigments come together with acrylics to find new visual territory.   

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