“Through the Leaves to the Light” by Dimpy Menon

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Till 5th February 2020 | Gallery Art Positive, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

Dimpy Menon, celebrated sculptor, thinker and poet collaborates with Anu Bajaj, Director, Gallery Art Positive to present a solo show which explores movement through the eyes of nature. She presents a series of engaging works that explore the many nuances of nature. Through a congregation of 25 sculptures she expresses the sheer voracity of the human form as seen amidst nature and its abundance. Over the years, Dimpy has made the human form central to her expression. Celebrating its myriad forms, delving into its moods, meanderings and movements. There is a certain meditative quality to her work, a stillness , which is ethereal and timeless. The silent communication one has with nature is pure and one needs to know no language to enjoy nature. Dimpy tries to portray in God’s Voice. The artist tries to capture the feeling of boundless in the works. It takes the mind off the merely internal to something more eternal. Majored in Sculpture, Dimpy Menon was the first Indian sculptor to win the prestigious Lorenzo ilMagnifico award for sculpture, Florence Biennale and was invited speaker at TEDx 2017, Bangalore.

The artist has used ethically-sourced and found pieces of wood as part of some compositions. Bronze, wood and stone are in themselves elemental. The works range in spirit from the calm and quiet ‘Lotus Pond’ and ‘Through the Leaves to the Stars’ to the celebratory movement of ‘Lightness of Being’.

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