Vadehra Art Gallery Presents Two Upcoming Solo Art Exhibitions I On Wings & The Devil in the Detail

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Vadehra Art Gallery announces the simultaneous opening of two solo exhibitions by artists Juul Kraijer titled, On Wings and Anita Dube titled, The Devil in the Detail.

Both Dube and Kraijer nurture rich oeuvres around the body as site and situation, using socio-political and philosophical lenses respectively through which to engage with our conditioned physical identifications and negotiations of the body as material and place, as well as the intuitive manifestations of embodiment, including our emotions, consciousness and subjectivity, which fall into a more visceral category.

On Wings:

Dutch artist Juul Kraijer’s images seek to upturn our daily logic and rationality in favour of the incredulity and wonder of a world held beyond belief. She documents staged interactions between a model, often presented androgynously, and other sentient beings like birds and butterflies that appear in possession of their own consciousness and deportment. On Wings features a suite of photographs, collages, drawings and a video work.

The Devil in the Detail:

Delhi-based artist Anita Dube’s oeuvre follows the corporeality of our individual and collective bodies, encapsulated in language, memory, history and mythology, by exploring the body as material and consequence, as possession and agent. Featuring a series of paintings, photographs and sculptures, The Devil in the Detail leverages Dube’s art historical relationship with text as an embodiment of a contemporary pulse, inviting viewers to traverse through the over-amplification and noise of desensitized meanings in speaking truth to power with a fresh perspective, especially considering recent events in post-colonial India, which has seen a rise in resistance by different interest groups.

Event Details:

Title: On Wings and The Devil in the Detail
Venue – D-53 Defence Colony, New Delhi

Exhibition Open until – October 27, 2023
Timings: 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM ; Monday – Saturday

Exhibiting Artists: Juul Kraijer and Anita Dube

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