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This Gallery has a floor area of 54’x37’.

For Gallery: Rs. 12000 per day
Single artist: Rs. 10000 per day
Group show: Rs. 12000 per day

*Note: Half gallery can also be booked

*Price are subjected to change on special occasion

To book the ACF Gallery, interested party is required
to submit:

1. For Individual Artists
a) Covering Letter mentioning the following: –
Full Name, Aadhar Number, Contact Details : Mobile Number & Landline.

b) Artist Biography

c) Five images of recent works. Minimum size of image – 5” inches x 7” inches.

2. For a Group Show
a) Covering Letter mentioning the following: –
1) Full Name, Aadhar Number, Contact Details: Mobile Number & Landline.

b) Artist Biography
c) Five images of recent works of each Artist. Minimum size of image – 5” inches x 7”

3. For Art Galleries/Sponsors: (Organizations/Sponsor Shows)
a) Covering Letter on Gallery’s Letter Head mentioning the following: –
i) Full Name, Aadhar Number, Contact Details: Mobile Number & Landline.

b) Short profile of the Organization
c) Five images of recent works of each participating artist or Catalogue. Minimum size of
image – 5” inches x 7” inches.

2. The proposals are to be sent to the following address:


The Gallery-In-Charge
Gallery ACF
D-49, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024, India
Tel: 011-46580420/ +91-9873622215

3. We will immediately confirm to you by mail the receipt of your application.

4. We will be getting back to you after our review within 3 months or earlier.

For further information please contact   acf5566@gmail.com

  1. On receiving the confirmation of the booking of ACF gallery, the applicants are
    required to fill the form and sign it wherever it is marked. This must be done and sent within
    10 days along with the full payment by Crossed Cheque A/c payee only in the name of “good cause”. , Payable on any Delhi Bank or by Bank Draft for out station
    parties. Only Demand Draft will be accepted in case of outstation parties.rtgs 
  2. Once the Gallery booking is confirmed, no refund of money for cancellation and no
    postponement of dates will be permitted. However, ACF maintains a waiting list and will
    help the artist, if possible, by allotting the Gallery to another eligible artist on our waiting list
    and will refund only 30% in case ACF finds another artist to pay for the slot. In case ACFcannot find suitable artist for that period no refund will be given in such an event it is clarified that ACF reserves the right to display some Art works
    from its Art Department(free of cost) so as to maintain continuity of Art Shows in the
    galleries. Bookings are not transferable.
  3. The applicant (s)/Booking party shall exhibit Art works of only those Artists whose names (on
    the bases of their works and application) have been given on the application forms at the time
    of booking and approved by the Committee.
  4. ACF has no storage place. Art works should come ready to be hanged, and removed on the last date by 9.00PM.  . All risk of damage, theft etc will be solely of the artist as ACF is unable to take responsibilities for the same.
  6. ACF shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage or injury
    of any kind to artists, guests or invitees or third party caused by any reason.
  7. Any artist booking the gallery in his/her name and changing the category to ‘sponsored’ show
    by a Gallery/Sponsor will have to pay the additional amount relevant at the time for sponsored show.
  8. Paintings should be properly framed for hanging. No Artwork will be permitted to be put
    on the floor against the walls. . The
    maximum numbers of 35 paintings shall be permitted to be exhibited.
  9. Temporary wooden panels independently standing may be allowed if detailed drawings are
    provided and approved at time of payment and not later.
    i) Floor is not to be damaged or scratched.
    ii) No screws on the floor or wall are allowed.
    iii) No outside generator or electric supply etc., can be connected to the gallery.
    ACF will provide publicity boards at allocated places only. No banners or other boards will be allowed.
  10. Numbering should be on frames and no stickers are permitted on the walls. 
  11. Timing of the Galleries is from 11.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. However on opening day it will be from
    9.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M. and on closing day from 11.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. The Galleries are booked round the clock and must be vacant by 8.00 P.M. on closing day. Failure to do so, Gallery ACF will be within its right to remove the artwork and keep them in the entrance lobby at the risk of the Artist/Sponsor and will have no responsibility for damage or loss to Art work whatsoever. In such an event the deposit will be forfeited.
  12. ACF will not provide any Generator back up. It will not be responsible if
    Electricity goes out due to any failure of supply or Air-Condition malfunctioning It is agreed
    that no claim for compensation will be entertained on these issues.
  13. ACF reserves the right to alter and modify the above rules and regulations as well as booking charges at any time.
  14. The signatory is responsible for all the members of the group in a group show wherever applicable. The signature should be of the person who signs the cheque.
  15. Notwithstanding confirmation of the Booking of ACF GALLERY, it is clearly agreed that
    the Management reserves the right to refuse / cancel the booking of the gallery at any time
    without assigning any reason whatsoever. In such an event the amount received from the
    booking party shall be refunded without levy of any cancellation charges and no compensation
    or damage shall be paid by ACF Further, no GST shall be refunded.

    16. It is confirmed by the artist / applicant herewith that all displays will be non-controversial and within the ‘norms of law’ and norms of “good moral conduct”. No works which offend
    general public sentiments or sentiments of any particular group will be displayed. In such an 
    event the ACF too has sole discretion to stop the show. The applicant shall
    immediately remove the controversial / offensive works from the gallery or / and close and
    cancel the show. Any loss or damage suffered by the Gallery ACF shall be
    compensated by the applicant. The applicant shall also ensure that there is no copyright

  16. ACF has the sole right at any time to control the number of visitors or refuse admission to
  17. No tea or refreshment shall be permitted inside the Gallery. However, on the opening day of exhibition, the applicant may serve tea and snacks with the permission of Gallery ACF in a designated place. Advance written intimation is required. Rates to be finalized directly with them.
    No cooking or preparation of snacks or tea is permitted. No outside tea or snacks is permitted unless Gallery ACF management permits.
  18. Exhibitors are forbidden from tampering with the electrical connection and should take
    assistance of our electrician for the same. No Nails, Pins etc., can be put on the walls nor wall
    painted. Further no item to be screwed to the floor and nothing to be hung from the ceiling or frame. Further no sticker or adhesive is allowed on the wall. Any damage to the floor, the
    cost of replacement of tiles or full floor will be borne by the Artist/Gallery/Booking Party.
  19. In case ACF allows painting of the walls, then repainting to white after the show will be
    done by ACF appointed Painter, who will provide his repainting quotation prior to the start of
    the show. Payment by cheque is to be directly made to him before the start of the show. The cost sheet is available in advance at the office.
    Further regarding Painting: –
    i. The gallery must be handed over to us by 8.00 p.m. on the day prior to the last date of
    period booked for.
    ii. We will start repainting by 9.00 p.m. onwards on the day prior to the last date of the period
    booked for.
    iii. Painting and drying will carry on throughout the entire last day of the period booked for.

    21. The artist/applicant/Booking party will “Insure” all items in the Gallery at their own cost and expenses. ACF shall not be liable for any loss or damage of artwork for any reason or any
    other item kept in the Gallery under any circumstances and also will not be responsible for any loss of any nature whatsoever caused to the party or any Third party or any loss due to any
    injury, claim or compensation to any visitor.

  20. Booking is non-transferable.
  21. ACF is allowed to photograph and document all shows and post them on their promotional media.

Account Name: Good Cause

HDFC Bank Account no.: 50100074272981

IFSC Code: HDFC0000134

Branch: D-23, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024


For Tiny Theatre contact curator – 9873622215

It is located in the Art district of Defence Colony, close to various other Art Galleries such as Vadehra Art Gallery, Aakar Prakar, and Shrine Empire.
It is convenient to locate as it is situated on the main road, opposite Lajpat Nagar Metro station.
It is navigation friendly via private vehicles and also people using public transport.
The corner plot location ensures ample parking space.
Area 2000 sqft with all basic amenties.
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“No two events are the same and no venue is one size fits all” – Transfer your Event Experience with us.

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The Gallery covers a total floor area of 1800 square/feet. It is equipped with partitions to section out the floor space to create more room for display.

 It has state-of-the-art light fixtures to create focal points, ideal for displaying works of Art. The space comes with a functional pantry and a washroom that our clients can freely use during the event.


Art Etc has hosted an array of events in the past. From group and solo Art Shows to Art and Creative Workshops, auctions to Art events and parties. The possibilities of this space are endless. 

It is the perfect blank canvas to conceptualise and create an event tailored specifically for the client.



Customise your experience events with our comprehensive packages fit for different occasions.

An Ideal Venue For :

  • Art Exhibitions.
  • Solo Shows.
  • Group Shows.
  • Experiential Events.
  • Film Screenings.
  • Product Launches.
  • Ceramic & Sculpture Shows.
  • Fashion & Lifestyle Pop Ups.
  • Corporate Events.
  • Workshops.
  • Food & Wine Promos.
  • Art Classes.

Venue Booking Details :

Space Type:
Art Gallery

Floor Access:
Lift, Stairs

Rental Capacity:

1,800 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Maximum Rental:
1 month

Payment Details:

Account Name: Good Cause

HDFC Bank Account no.: 50100074272981

IFSC Code: HDFC0000134

Branch: D-23, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024


Transform Your Event Experience With Us

The Gallery covers a total floor of 1800 square/feet