WeekendsAtKNMA presents ‘KALOPSIA’: A Dance Journey with Nikolina Nikoleski

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‘KALOPSIA’, a term from Greek, delves into the illusion of beauty beyond reality. Nikolina interprets this through seven expressive scenes, each resonating with an emotion or ideal, and striking a chord with the diverse cultural ethos of India.

Step into the mesmerizing world of ‘KALOPSIA’, a unique contemporary dance performance by the acclaimed Nikolina Nikoleski, set to the soul-stirring music of Sina Fakhroddin. Held in the intimate ambience of the KNMA museum, this performance transcends the usual boundaries, drawing you into a shared experience of profound emotion and cultural richness.

WeekendsAtKNMA is an opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in all kinds of art and activity. Enhancing the already expansive range of events on offer, as part of this initiative, new and extensive programming has been planned to celebrate art and culture. Through this, the museum aims to expand its reach and tap into new and diverse audiences. Furnishing a platform for professional and semi professional artists through a series of events and activities, KNMA is seeking to build on its mission to grow a museum-going culture and encourage viewers to explore different aspects of art, at the crossroads of culture and performance.

Note: It is a ticketed event.

Event Details:

Title: KALOPSIA’: A Dance Journey with Nikolina Nikoleski
Date: 9th December 2023
Venue: KNMA, Saket, New Delhi.
Timings: 7PM onwards
Music by: Sina Fakhroddin
Tickets: https://insider.in/-weekendsatknma-kalopsia-dec9-2023/event

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